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Story Starters
Canoeing Topic: Canoeing

Jack watched helplessly as the backpack slid slowly off the front of the canoe and sank under the waves ...

Fishing Topic: Fishing

"Come on!" Nicola yelled to her brother. "Bring the net! It's a huge one!"

Trees Topic: Trees

The tree was the tallest Owen had ever seen.
"Has anyone been to the top?" he asked Filipo.

Bikes Topic: Bikes

As he cycled into the driveway, Lui knew he was in trouble. His father stood by the garage with ...

Skiing Topic: Skiing

The morning after the snowstorm Jackie woke early. The wind, which had kept her awake until late, had gone. Light from the sun shining on the snow flooded the bunkroom. She pulled back the curtains to the most magical scene.
"Dad! Look at that. We can ski today, can't we?"

Abseiling Topic: Abseiling

"Now, lean back at 90 degrees to the wall, and keep your legs straight. Don't bend them until you are ready to push off."
Leon scowled, and muttered an obsenity ...

The Beach Topic: The Beach

"Fancy a swim today?"
Pita looked up at his sister. "Yeah! River or beach?"
Mere looked at him sideways. "Beach, of course."
Pita sighed. Of course. The lifeguards would be there. That was the only reason Mere went swimming. She fancied the new recruit.

Dog Topic: Dog

"Come here, boy, come on. I won't hurt you."
The dog cowered on the ground. Could he trust this boy? He'd been hurt so often before. The boy crouched down to the dog's level.
"Come on, let me see your paw. I'll help you if I can."
The soothing, soft voice and the gentle look in the boy's eyes calmed the dog, and he shuffled forward on his belly towards the outstretched hand.

Horses Topic: Horses

"You're not reading that book again, are you?"
Her mother's strident voice cut through her concentration, and she jumped. As she put 'Black Beauty' back on her shelf, Amy wished, not for the first time, that she could leap onto the back of her own horse and ride away from this place.

Water Topic: Water

More than anything, Marshall hated swimming. His fear of drowning set his heart pounding and the sweat flowing, even before he left home. And now, here he was about to ...

Compass and GPS Topic: Compass and GPS

"Geo what?!" Andy asked.
"Cache. Spelt c-a-c-h-e and pronounced cash. Geocaching is like a cross between treasure hunt and orienteering and you follow the clues to find the cache," Charlie explained.
"Sounds boring. Let's do something else."

Camera Topic: Camera

The best thing about photography, thought Sarah, was that you never knew what you would find in a photo when it was printed. Like now. In the background of the photo she was holding Sarah could see two people. One was throwing a punch ....