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Fire Island Out Now!
Danger Signs

Jordan is deaf. He's been deaf all his life. It doesn't stop him doing anything he wants to do, and he's really good at doing a lot of things. It's just who he is.

But Sando, his older brother, is very conflicted. It seems to Sando that everything revolves around Jordan.

Keri and her friend Mereana are holidaying at the same beach town as Jordan and Sando. They make friends with the brothers and meeting Jordan is a revelation for the girls.

have been a spate of burglaries in the town, and Sando's bike is taken making him even more upset. One evening, they stumble upon suspicious activity. Over the next few days, as they are drawn deeper into danger, Sando is forced to revise his attitude towards his younger brother.

Jenni recently attended the Storylines Festival 2015, along with other writer's of Children's stories
Storylines 2015

She enjoyed talking to the children about their own reading and writing. She invited children to submit their own stories and have them published on her website and also to have a character named after them, in the next book.

Fire Island Out Now!
Fire Island

Keri Walker is 12 years old and is in a bit of strife. She has been on the end of some bullying from The Gang of Five and she's keen to make herself scarce when they are around. However, she can't help but step in when she finds a much younger child being bullied.

The Gang of Five thinks she snitched on them. On a school camp, they start a serious campaign. The camp is on an island, and there are plenty of exciting activities to look forward to; yachting, confidence course and orienteering. Keri loves a challenge and she is keen to do well. In addition, if Keri stays out of trouble, her mother will allow her to visit her cousin in Sydney over the summer holiday. She is determined to stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately, the gang has a different agenda.

Stories for 7 year olds Out Now!
Stories for 7 year olds

25 stories by great NZ authors.

Stories about all the important things - like best friends, monsters, climbing trees, pasta, kapa haka, snorkelling, wetas, running races, whales, skating and much more!

Specially chosen for seven-year-olds, and written by some of New Zealand's most loved writers for children, including Kate de Goldi, Barbara Else, Sandy McKay and Pat Quinn.

This anthology was recently published with 'The Tree Climber' story. You will find it on page 154.

When we were young, we loved to climb trees, the taller the better. My best friend was the best tree climber; she knew no fear! She was better than the boys, and to prove it, she broke the top off the tallest tree, so the boys would never be able to say they climbed higher.

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